Empedus ServiceNow Practice

Manufacturing for Energy Sector

Our corresponding supporting team, have extensive experience with Production Processes, Industrial Control Systems, and Operational Equipment such as pumps, motors, valves, sensors, SCADA, PLC, and I/O modules. As a result of this experience, detailed procedures were developed for ServiceNow, enabling IT and OT to be united and brought onboard to ServiceNow, creating a single system of action that improves experiences and drives outcomes across the manufacturing value chain.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Providing a pre-configured set of metrics i.e. Business & Quality, Around Time, Employee Satisfaction and Customer Experience. The supporting team has experience in integrations with UiPath, Automation Anywhere and Blue Prizm. Detailed procedures are in place to manage uploaded packages, manage robots, processes and various other aspects on the platform.

Integrated Risk Management

The practice includes ready content, risk frameworks and control objectives of the common used authority documents to deliver regulatory event integration via the ServiceNow platform. Offers a ServiceNow based training program for the Control and Risk Owners. The support team comprises of professionals certified in ServiceNow, ISO 31000 Lead Risk Manager, ISO/IEC 27005 Lead Information Security Risk Manager, COSO Implementer and MoR Practitioner.

Security Operations

Empedus team, have experience with Vulnerability Response, Security Incident Response and Threat Intelligence modules implementing procedures and a Playbook Framework based on NIST SP guidelines (800-XXseries), frameworks (Ransomware, CSF) and ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27035, and ISO/IEC 30111. The result of this experience is that our clients are able to detect and respond to incidents much faster through Security Orchestration with minimum impact on IT performance.

ServiceNow Practice for Subsidies

Our expert team has successfully developed custom workflow applications for national grants and subsidies. Our workflows are fully integrated with 3rd parties services exploiting REST APIs that allow continuous communication and up to date status reports. Embedded algorithms have also been applied in order to automatically calculate contractor / vendor payments. Moreover dynamic workflows as such can be utilized in electric car, solar panel and energy efficient residence/office renovation subsidies.

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Athens, Greece.