Bussines Continuity

ISO 22301 BCMS Consulting

Business continuity turns necessity for companies of all sizes and in all sectors. We stand by your company for establishing ISO 22301 with our proven validity methods and our senior consultant staff who have experience in the field more than ten years.

ISO 22301 Gap Analysis

Our ISO 22301 Lead Auditor Certificated experts analyze that how much your company closer to ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System requirements. At the end of analysis, the final report will include the current condition of your company, enhancement areas and deficiency in details.

ISO 22301 BCMS Internal Audit

Internal audit is should be implemented to ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System of your company to ensure that the system is efficient, up-to-date, observable and improvable. Our ISO 22301 Lead Auditor Certificated experts implement internal auditing and contribute for improving of BCMS with detailed report.

Business Impact Analysis and Risk Management

About the Business Impact Analysis and Risk Management which is the fundemental elements of business continuity we have proven validity, successful methods. We automate works to get accurate results with optimum effort and to keep the results of analysis updated all the time.

Disaster Recovery Center Design

We design the disaster recovery center to meet your company’s business continuity requirements and support to realize it. We design DRC based on results of business impact analysis and risk management and we support your company about to obtain the correct components and use efficiently, ensure security requirements.

Exercising Consulting

Cannot measure how much is ready for interruptions and disasters if you do not perform the exercise. Doing practice with realistic scenarios is important for being ready to possible emergencies. In the field of exercising and testing, Empedus provides a lot of consulting services about planning, implementation and evaluation so your company can be ready the risk of interruptions.

ISO/IEC 27031/BS25777 IT System Continuity

Business process is very much dependent on information technology so continuity of the system has gained importance. According to many businesses, ensuring business continuity is not possible without ensuring the continuity of IT systems. We stand by your company with our accordance with international standards, and the validity of the proven methods for providing continuity of IT systems.

Analysis of IT System Continuity

Information technology systems continuity are vital of your business continuity. We view IT services end-to-end and determine points may interfere. During the analysis of continuity, we analysis data center, air-conditioning, energy, support activities and report the deficiencies.

ISO22301 Management System Trainings

We offer trainings about implementing, awareness and internal audit with their implementations for ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System. Please contact us to take detail information from contact@empedus.com

Technical Business Continuity Trainings

We offer especially business impact analysis and implementations, risk management and implementations, exercise management, determining strategy and ISO/IEC 27031/BS 25777 IT system continuity, trainings about business continuity management.

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