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Empedus ITSM
A complete ITSM Suite that extends Microsoft SharePoint.

Empedus ITIL processes for Activiti
A complete predefined parameterizable ITIL process integrated with Activiti.

Empedus JBPM library
A set of capabilities that extend the JBPM suite.
Role Automation
An ontology based knowledge discovery tool that is capturing tacit knowledge while a role is executing within the framework of a Management System. It extends the Semantic Sensor developed by the “Knowledge Management Laboratory” of the University of Athens. It is a cloud based java app with a well-documented api.
ITSM Parametrization
Our experts are supporting your company to parametrize, customize and utilize its ITSM tool such as ServiceNow, BMC and iTOP.
Empedus BPM library
A set of BPM capabilities that extend the Microsoft SharePoint functionalities. A must have tool for the organizations that deploying BPM solutions utilizing their Microsoft SharePoint licences (no coding needed).
eHealth Solutions
We provide continuous access to existing databases, implementing a complete system of information synchronization and standardization. With our web-based tools and mobile apps, we help you to ensure that your health facilities, employees and patients cooperate to achieve maximum process efficiency.
10 Fidiou St, 10678
Athens, Greece

Tel : +30 211408 0569
Fax : +30 2168004881
10 Fidiou St, 10678
Athens, Greece
Tel : +30 211408 0569
Fax : +30 2168004881

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